Bloodthirsty Swedish Meatballs

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Bloodthirsty Swedish Meatballs

The Bloodthirsty Swedish Meatballs are a band of woodsball enthusiasts and speedball maniacs who decided to become a coordinated paintball team. Officially formed on 6/24/06, the Meatballs get together to play paintball at their home field, Tri-City Paintball. Based in Richland, WA, the Meatballs are trying to improve as much as possible on teenager, minimum wage, salaries. Have fun and play safe!

About the Site:

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Alden W. a.k.a. The Spartan (Captain)

Ben B. a.k.a. The BB

Joseph W. a.k.a. Exige

Zach C. a.k.a. Marxmen

Rodney T. a.k.a. Master Rodney


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Please wear proper protection in the crotch area because you may want to have kids later!


Steve's Birthday Bash! _ 3-man airball-tourney, Beginner's Division, 5th Place 06/24/06

High School Fundraiser _ 5-man airball-tourney, Novice Division, 2nd place 05/12/07


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